Building a Sustainable Path to Success We believe in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

ESG Strategy

Wide Creek Asset Management prioritizes sustainability, integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into our investment strategies. We recognize the vital role these factors play in shaping a better future for all stakeholders. Through our commitment to ESG principles at every stage of our investment process and management approach, we aim to create value for investors while promoting broader prosperity.

ESG Core Tasks
  • Participation in GRESB
  • Acquisition of LEED Certification
  • Setting and Managing Carbon
    Emission Reduction Goals
  • Introduction of Eco-Friendly
    Facilities and Renewable
  • Expanding Social
  • Employee Health and Well-being
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • ESG Performance Reporting
    and Disclosure
  • Membership in Initiatives
  • Compliance with Anti-Corruption
ESG Strategies
  • Expansion of ESG-Based
  • Participation in 2050 Carbon
    Neutrality Goals
  • Contribution to Local
    Community Development
  • Pursuit of Stakeholder
  • Enhancement of Boards/
    Committees's Governance
  • Strengthening Internal
    Control Systems
ESG Goals

sustainable future 지속가능한 미래


ESG Governance

Since 2023, Wide Creek Asset has led ESG initiatives through our dedicated ESG Committee. We further drive ESG management across multiple committees, with our ESG Task Force serving as the central unit setting enterprise-wide strategies, overseeing execution, and presenting key agendas to the ESG Committee.


ESG Committee


ESG Task Force

ESG Working Group​
  • Investment
    Management Team
  • Development
    Management Team
  • Risk
    Management Team
  • Management
    Administration Team
  • Overseas Business
  • Strategic
    Business Team
  • Compliance
  • Operations
    Support Team

GRESB Participation
for Portfolio Assets

Wide Creek Asset Management is progressively pursuing participation in GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), a global provider of real estate ESG data and benchmarks, for its investment assets. In 2024, the company started participating in GRESB and intends to broaden its participation by including more investment assets in the future. Through this initiative, the company aims to enhance the value of its portfolio by incorporating ESG principles, attracting reputable tenants committed to ESG values, and ultimately creating sustainable assets that ensure growth and profitability.

  • Establishment of
    ESG Organization

    Development of ESG Policies

    Preparation for
    GRESB reporting
  • GL Okjeong
    General Private
    Investment Company
    GRESB Participation

    GRESB Participation
  • ESG Guidelines & Checklist

    Green Lease

    Acquisition of GRESB
    Participating Assets
  • Building Energy Efficiency

    Net Zero Innovation Program

    Green Management System
ESG Activities and Achievements
Wide Creek Asset Management analyzes and understands potential environmental impacts in the real estate development and operations processes. To minimize these impacts, the company establishes internal environmental policies that are applied to product development, operations, and corporate management as a whole.

In 2023, we launched an ESG committee to enhance our company’s ESG activities. Specifically, we developed and implemented a range of ESG policies and systems, including the Environmental Management System, and established diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies. These efforts were aimed to build a strong internal foundation to promote a highly diverse and inclusive organizational culture.